Ultrasonic Quilting Machine for Bedding (CE certificated)

Ultrasonic quilting machine
Model: MS-2400 (2400mm)

* Technical specifications:

Good Description:Ultrasonic quilting machine
Voltage Supply:380V±5V 50Hz (60Hz)
Installed Power:12KW
Ultrasonic Frequency:20KHz, 18KHz available.
Working Speed:0-13m/min, adjustable.
Quilting Work Width:2600mm
Pattern Roller Sizes:2650MMxØ(155-175)MM
Materials Suitable:polyester, nylon, polyester wadding, and non-woven fabrics.
Usages:Ultrasonic non-needle & non-thread quilting for bedding cloth, mattress material, garment lining, non-woven lamination and so on.
Packing Volume:About 11.50M3
Gross Weight:About 1800.00KGS

1. Basic Equipment:

1) This machine adopts the latest ultrasonic control cabinet with stable and strong power, which is suitable for long operation. There is computer core plate in it; The multi-line ultrasonic protection system guarantees stable operation of mainframe.

2) Structure of whole machine: (1). Embossing compound mainframe; (2). Ultrasonic control cabinet; (3). Finished products rewinding machine; (4). Bracket for putting materials.

2. Characteristic:

1) Without needlework that omits the bother of replacing line; The product is beautiful;

2) It has better outlook that is suitable for times.

3) It can replace pattern at random according to request.

4) It has high stitching capacity with high efficiency.

3. Applied Example:
Producing kinds of fiber textile, artificial leather, spraying rubber cotton, non-woven fabrics or the compound of needle-punched cotton; It can design pattern at random; The lining production of costume, bedspread, pillow, sofa and the production of inner decoration...