Ultrasonic Spot Soldering Machine for Fixing Mask′s Belt

Ultrasonic sealing machine for medical gown (CE)
1. Characteristics

Good Description:Ultrasonic sewing machine
Voltage Supply:220V±5V 50Hz (60Hz), 110V available.
Install Power:1500W
Ultrasonic Frequency:20KHz
Working Speed:0-15m/min, adjustable.
Pattern Width:65mm
Pattern Roller Sizes:23MMxØ51MM; 50MMxØ51MM
Materials Suitable:polyester, nylon, chemical and non-woven fabrics.
Usages:Making laces, sewing (welding), cutting and non-woven products.
Packing Size:L (125cm)x W(60cm)x H(133cm)
Gross Weight:140KGS

2. Packing Size: L (125cm)x W(60cm)x H(132cm)
Gross weight: 140 Kgs

3. Functions
1) The operations of side scraping and trimming
The side scrap in one side and side melting can be carried out at the same time. It makes the side smooth, no roughness and no coarse side.

2) Make holes
The holes with different patterns can be cut and the treatment of side melting can be carried out too.

3) Transfer printing
Two layers or multi-layers can be melted together. It is not necessary to use thread and needle. This process can replace sewing. Moreover the melted strength is excellent.

4)Cut Material
This machine can cut material for single piece or many pieces at one time. Moreover it can carry out the treatment of side melting. There is no coarse side.

5) Forming
Press the pattern wheel.
At one time the process of cutting, hole breaking and patter printing can be carried out.

4. Suitable material:
Composite material, thermoplastic film and plastics slice, such as chemical fibrous cloth, nylon cloth, knitting cloth, non spin cloth, gush glue cotton, PE paper, PE + aluminium, PE + cloth, and so on.

5. Application:
Non-woven filtering bag, medical gowns making,tent, raincoat,chair cover,coloured flag, disposable operating coat, non spin respirator, handicraft. 
Ultrasonic Spot Soldering Machine for Fixing Mask′s Belt

Packing & Delivery
Ultrasonic Spot Soldering Machine for Fixing Mask′s Belt

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