Used 39m Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump


67m HB67K truck mounted concrete pump .


1, V7 series truck mounted concrete pump is a new generation equipment which is developed  and SCHWING Germany technology.

2,It is highly reliable and durable with seven technical highlights. More advanced boom structure technology ,More efficient rock valve pumping technology, Steadier stabilizer structure technology, Steadier reversing buffering technology, more reliable fully-hydraulic reversing technology, Ultra-low pressure loss hydraulic system technology, safer and smarter electrical control system.


* Large diameter (260 mm) Φ, large displacement (170 / hour) pumping systems. * Material absorption can reach more than 85%. * Effectively reduce emissions with the reversing, vulnerability of longer life. * The pumping system adopts electric control reversing, reversing faster and the system impact smaller. * The actual pumping efficiency is more than 5% higher than the conventional hydraulic control reversing system.


Outline dimension15780×2500×4000mm
Overall weight54000kg 
Max. speed85km/h
Max. grade-ability51.4%
Max. power335kW
Max. torque2200/1080N·m/(r/min)
Pumping systemTheoretical output170m³/h
Concrete pumping pressure8MPa
Theoretical pumping times21~23Time/min
Delivery cylinder diameter ×strokeφ260×2200mm
Max. diameter of pumping concrete≤40mm
Filling height1570mm
Concrete slump range8~23cm
Placing boom
 Reach depth48.6m

Used 39m Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump
Used 39m Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump
Used 39m Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump
Used 39m Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump

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