Used Shangdong Rifa Dobby Rapier Loom on Sale

We have sevearl sets of shandong RIFA rapier loom on sale, welcome to connect us for the further information.

GA731 rapier loom is the perfect outcome based on consummate & professional technology and tens of years manufacturing experience. GA731 looms have the advantage such as ripening technology, stable performance, easy operation, multi functions, high cost performance, etc. Based on market demand and features of various fabrics, we developed several series special looms on the base GA731 loom, such as jacquard loom, jute loom, industrial fabric loom, sunscreen fabric loom, net fabric loom, etc, which can meet various requirements for different fabrics and take good return to customers.

Weave Widely
GA731 rapier loom can weave all kinds of nature fiber, rayon and synthetic filament. It is the most suitable to weave all kinds of fabrics involved the fields of furnishings, upholster, tour, civil engineering, industry, such as wool fabric, linen, silk, cotton, chemical fiber, sunscreen fabric, jute, glass fiber, flat yarn, jacquard, leno weaving, etc.

Jacquard Fabrics
Adopts 8 color electronic selector with functions of automatic pick-finding and anti-mark to ensure perfect production. This model loom can weave upholster fabric, industrial curtains, sofa fabrics, auto seat fabric and so on.

Net Fabrics
Shedding device is specially designed to weave net fabrics for sdtructure purpose of wall,road,roof etc.

Sport Fabrics
This model is suiable to weave hotel fabric,sports and journey fabrics etc.

Wide Industrial Fabrics
Shedding device, insertion,let-off,take-up and selvage are specially designed to weave flat yarn,glass fiber.Painting fabric and other industrial cloth for civil engineering, water conservancy and advertisement etc.

Jute Fabrics
Loom structure, selvage, take-up,insertion and weft feeder are specially designed to weave various jute fabrics.

Main Technical Parameters
Reed width150, 190, 210, 230, 260, 280, 320, 360, 380, 460(cm)
Speed150cm: 320~430 RPM
190cm: 312~430 RPM
280cm: 232~320 RPM
320cm: 224~300 RPM
380cm: 195~280 RPM
Insertion rate1000m/minute ~ 1200m/minute
Weft densityMechanical take up: 3~68 picks/cm
Electronic take up: 3~120 picks/cm
Shedding deviceMechanical Dobby/ Electronic Dobby (20 shafts Max)
Electronic Jacquard
Let-off & Take-upLet-off: Mechanical /Electronic
Take-up: Mechanical /Electronic
BeatingConjugated cams with double drive on both sides
Weft insertionSlay driven by conjugated cam
Weft beamSingle / Double
Flange diameter: 800mm /1000mm (selectable
Cloth rollerDiameter 550mm
PowerTotal consume< 4.6kw
ControlCpu controlling system
Weft selectionElectronic weft selector
FunctionPick auto-finding, mark prevention
Used Shangdong Rifa Dobby Rapier Loom on Sale
Used Shangdong Rifa Dobby Rapier Loom on Sale
Used Shangdong Rifa Dobby Rapier Loom on Sale
Used Shangdong Rifa Dobby Rapier Loom on Sale
Used Shangdong Rifa Dobby Rapier Loom on Sale
Used Shangdong Rifa Dobby Rapier Loom on Sale


Packing DetailStander export packing (Container)
Delivery DetailShipment around 10 workdays after the payment
Payment terms T/T advance will be apprecieted (To be negotiated)
After-sales ServiceProvide one-to-one service

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