Wet Type Sheet to Sheet No.4 and Hairline Grinding / Polishing Machine for Stainless Steel

Sheet to Sheet Grinding Machine (Wet Type)
Sheet to Sheet Grinding Machine (Wet Type) uses Grinding Oil or Emulsion as a Media to achieve a fine and shiny grinding effect on either hot or cold rolled stainless steel sheets or coils. The Machine is designed to get Finishing No.3 (Coarse Finishing, Abrasive Grain From G60 to G150 ) or No.4 (Fine Finishing, Most Popular, abrasive grain from G180 Or above) and HL Finishing (Hairline Finishing, Characterized by Smooth and long line ).
Sheet to Sheet Grinding Machine (Wet Type) starts with a 2-roller Grinding Unit, after being stretched tightly with their respective tension rollers on the top, Abrasive belts will be spinning in a high speed in grinding or removing the surface to get the desired finishing effect of No.3 or No.4. With The help of the Oil Nozzle in the inlet and outlet, the finishing will have an oily and fine result.
A 4-roller Grinding Unit is in the behind for option. Working in a similar module, the belts are now spinning in a low speed to draw out the long line effect that cannot be done by high-speed spinning belts but is favored by many.
Heavy-duty built, Coil to Coil Grinding Machine (Wet Type) is featured by:
--- Perfectly built Recycling System, No environment Pollution
--- Automatic belt tracking and hydraulic/pneumatic belt tensioning ensure Optimum
     Consistency and minimized operational costs.
--- Pre-programmable execution settings for part thickness, abrasive belt head Depth and
     brush head depth
--- Automatic Thickness Adjustment, with Digital Read-Out
--- Strong Machine Frame, Vibration is well absorbed
--- Large Contact Roller with Perfect Static as well as Dynamic Balance, High Spinning And
     Long life of Abrasive belts is ensured
--- Higher Efficiency
--- Fast Change of Abrasive Belts
--- Best Cost Performance
--- Wide Belts, For Maximum 2,050 MM Sheets, Plates, or Coil
--- Forward and Backward Transmission
Sheet to Sheet Grinding Machine (Wet Type) is composed of: Inlet, Outlet and Intermediate Roller Table, Short line (No.3 or No.4) Grinding Unit, Hair line (HL, Optional) Grinding unit, Oil Recycling Unit, Degreasing, Cleaning & Drying Unit, Laminator, as well as Electrical Control System.

Main Parameters:
Work Pieces: Stainless Steel Sheets or Plates of all grades
Useful thickness: 0.5~~3MM
Useful Length: 1,000~~6,000MM
Useful Width: <=1,219MM, or <=1,550MM, <=2,050MM
Processing Speed: 5~~18M/Min
Finishing Result: No.4 & HL (Wet Type)
Type: Sheets to Sheets
Non-Standard Machine will be made upon Request.



Typical Applications of NO.4 & HL include: Elevator, Escalator, interior cladding, building facades, Home Appliance, Etc.


Further treatment is always done upon No.4 and HL surface: PVD Color, Etched Pattern, Anti-Finger Print Processing, To name a few, are the most common one.



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