Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment

Wide-usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment

Product Description

       It can dismantle and separate substrates and electronic components of circuit boards of a variety of discarded household appliances.
  Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment
Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment
Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment

Structure Feature

         Circuit Board High Temperature Electronic Component Dismantling Machine: the inner tank of the circuit board high temperature dismantling machine uses the 6mm-thick No. 45 anti-skid steel plate, and the outer wall is insulated with the insulating cotton to prevent the loss of temperature and the corresponding production technology; safe and reliable, stable performance, durable and other characteristics, use the automatic heating device of automatic temperature control, forced air supply and flameout self-ignition control, and set up the automatic memory preservation of temperature per time. It is an indispensable ideal tool in the production area of the electronic circuit board industry.


Technical Parameter



Range of temperature (ºC)

Speed (r/min) 

Power (kw) 

External dimension (mm)

Weight (kg)














Working Principle

Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment

1. At first, we should put the waste circuit board with electronic components into the circuit board component disassembler to disassemble the electronic components. (The electronic component disassembler is divided into two types: electric thermocouple heating and liquefied gas flame heating, which are generated during the disassembly process. The flue gas is sprayed through a special liquid to remove odor and smoke and is adsorbed by the activated carbon adsorption tower to achieve harmless gas emission. The solder and electronic components are separately recovered through the vibration screening of the lower part of the disassembler during the entire disassembly process. After the electronic components are completely separated from the recycling, the circuit board substrate is released, and the next classification and recycling are performed.

 2. The electronic components are sieved according to the shape and size of the electronic components through a multi-layer linear vibrating screen. The components are roughly classified into: socket slot containing a gold-plated portion, resistor and a capacitor/diode, integrated block containing a precious metal, and so on.  Considering the pins of the capacitor and the monolithic capacitor are basically tinned with a magnetic material, we can  sieve out plating Tin electronic feet, aluminum and non-metal which is similar in size to the shape of the capacitor through the drum type magnetic separator and  magnetic separation,  and then collect them to for separating them.


Raw material & Final Product

Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment

Our Advantages

1. Easy-operated: The entire assembly line uses the PLC intelligent programming automatic control and man-machine interface touch screen, so that the even feeding of the entire production line and coordinated work can be realized.

2. Lower noise: We use noise reduction treatment of the crushing equipment to reduce the noise. 

3. Clean without pollution: We Use the negative pressure feeding system and pulse dust removal system to purify the working environment.

4. High separating rate:  The sorting part adopts the proportion sorting combined with the static careful selection, so that the metal recovery rate can reach up to more than 99%. (Our electrostatic sorting equipment is our most important product which has  won a high reputation in the world.)

5. Lowest price with warmed service: we promise to provide  high quality product with warmed service forever. 

Packaging & Shipping
Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment
Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment
       It can be shiped by wooden case. Of course, if you have other requirements, we can also ship our product according to your own demand.
Our Services


1. We not only provide machines but also offer technical guide and market evaluate.
2. We will provide all the machines for the complete production according to customer's requirements.
3. We will provide complete service for factory layout and other information to help customer to build the factory.
4. We will provide good service for machine installation and training, until the customers can run the machines and make stably production. 
5. Except one year quality guarantee, we will provide after-sell service for all the life. 
6. For long-term cooperation, we always provide good quality, good price and good service to customer.

Company Information
        Xinxiang Traceability Environmental Protection Equipment Co. Ltd. was established in the end of 2002.For more than ten years, we have been committed to the research and manufacture of various waste resources separation and sorting recycling equipments. The company has always adhered to the principle of " Service First, Customer First". We will serve the new and old customers with high quality products and service. We will contribute to creating a healthy world together!
Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating EquipmentWide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment
Our Customer in the World

Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment


Wide-Usage Scrap PCB Dismantling Machine/ Separating Equipment




Q: Why Choose Us?

1). Several Year's Experience
We have rich experience in equipment manufacturing. Our machines have high reputation both at home and abroad (Such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and so on more than 10 countries and regions.)
2). Manufacturer, Not Dealer
Factory direct sale makes price more competitive.Customers are always welcome to visit our factory for machine test.
3). Fast Delivery
We promise the goods can be shipped out on delivery date after confirmation of the order.
Q: How do I know the quality of your machine?
A: You can send your sample scrap materials to us and we will test the machine for you without charging the fees. And we can send the machine test video to you. We also warmly welcome you to visit our factory to test our machine personally.
Q: Which brand of motor will you use?
A: We use domestic motor manufatured by Chinese-famous suppliers, but you can choose Siemens or other brand motor. Don't worry about our machine's quality.
Q: Will you dispatch the engineer to guide installation?
A: Yes, according to the customer's requirement, we will dispatch engineers to guide installation and traning about the operation of the machine.