Wood Log Tree Chipping Crusher Machine

Wood log tree chipping crusher machine


Wood Log Tree Chipping Crusher Machine
Wood crusher is a professional equipment for large wood crushing. Mainly can process wood with nails, wooden pallets, waste formwork at the construction site, wooden brackets, stumps, waste furniture, branches, wood, formwork waste, house demolition waste, doors and windows, etc. for crushing. Used for rough crushing in biomass power plants, fuel, fire, etc., can process wood with nails, wooden pallets, waste formwork on site, wooden brackets, stumps, waste furniture, branches, wood, formwork waste, house demolition waste, doors and windows , And so on.

Chipping crusher machine working principle

The wood crusher breaks the traditional process structure mode and uses the principle of hammering. It is the latest wood crushing equipment developed by our company. The crushing mechanism used effectively prevents the existence of nails on bamboo rubber boards and cargo pallets. Impact, the material can be broken into 50-80mm size. Due to the large raw materials, thick screens are used, and the smallest screen hole can only be processed with a 22 mm hole diameter. Therefore, the finished product is a bit large and belongs to rough crushing. The output is about 5-10 tons. Shape, or even finer, you must use a sawdust grinder with a small aperture screen for use. This machine adopts chain type intelligent feeding, which can automatically adjust the feeding speed according to the load of the main motor. Make the machine run at full load to avoid no-load operation, make the feeding smoother, and greatly increase the production capacity. It is the ideal first choice equipment for biomass power plants.

Wood Log Tree Chipping Crusher MachineWood Log Tree Chipping Crusher Machine

Wood crusher features

New design rotor, three kinds of rotors: hammer rotor, chipping rotor, fine grinding rotor, the blades/hammers are replaceable.
Cover of crushing chamber could be opened by hydraulic, ease for maintenance and changing blades.
Screen mesh size is customized for different requirements on size of end product.
Forced feeding system is our proven technique; ensure continuously feeding and large working capacity, even big roll of tree logs or high wooden case is no problem to infeed for this monster.
High Capacity with larger feeding port than traditional type, which could process big log in arrange of 500mm to 950mm diameter.

 Technicial data

rotor diameter950mm1050mm1100mm
rotary speed of rotor926rpm/min926rpm/min850rpm/min
Feed opener1300*500mm1400*800mm1600*1000mm
Max. Dia of raw material<=500mm<=750mm<=950mm
Output size3-8cm3-8cm3-8cm
Lifetime for knives>=5000-8000t>=5000-8000t>=5000-8000t
Feeding modeChain conveyorChain conveyorChain conveyor
Feeding length5000mm5000mm4700mm
Feeding speed2-18m/min2-18m/min2-18m/min
Discharge modeBelt conveyorBelt conveyorBelt conveyor
Main power132kw160kw220kw
Feeding conveyor power
With frequency inverter
Feed roller motor
With frequency inverter
Discharge conveyor power4kw4kw5.5kw
Hydraulic pump power3kw3kw4kw
Hourly capacity12-15t20-25t30-40t

Manufacturing process and material requirements

FramworkQ235 steel plateBy welding
Knifehigh-chromium alloyBy annealing
Main shaft40Crhardening and tempering

Our Services

1. Depending on customer's requirement, we insist on "making profit at lowest investment" and gives best solution as per the customer's special demand.
2. Design the most reasonable project and maximum customers' profit.
3.Provide engineers to scene to plan work site if the customer needed.
4. Provide equipment list, design drawing, construction drawing, equipment install drawing.

After Sale's Service:    
a.1 year warranty ,if the machine break is by quality detect not personal reason or natural disaster ;
c. Easy break spare parts not include .Engineer installation abroad and teach you master the skill to produce wood pellet;
c. Supply you the spare parts with favorable price all the machine life time;
d. Caring service, carefully manufacture and desirable price make customers at ease.

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