Xinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

Xinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

Product Description

1. The motor power of the sandwich panel roll forming line is 4kw, and the production speed reaches 6m/min. With the stepless speed regulation system, the efficiency of the roll forming line is optional within 0-6m/min.
2. When producing EPS sandwich panel, the speed is generally controlled at 2-6 m/min. It will be slightly lower for making rock wool board (depends on actual needs)
3. The composite panel production line is equipped with K-9 glue metering pump, featuring low rotating speed and high accuracy. The glue is fed at a rate of 0.1-2.0 kg/min. It is controlled by frequency converter.
4. The thickness of the composite panel the roll forming unit can produce is varied from 50mm to 250mm. By adjusting the upper and lower rack, and the distance between the cutter holder and the material feeding rack, we can get sandwich boards with different thickness and specifications.
5. Total installed capacity: 34KW; total weight (including accessories): 17.5t.
6. Dimension of the panel roll forming machine: 12500 (16000 for rock wool boards) X2200X2800; the roll former for 5 type EPS sandwich panel adopts 23 rubber shafts and 160X80 square tubes with thickness of 6mm; the roll former for 7 type composite rock wool panel employs 45 rubber shafts, and upper and lower independent glue supply. It is equipped with 1.7m rock wool panel conveyor belt, with the diameter of the drive shaft to be 50mm; length of the machine frame is up to 9m; the roll former is welded with 180X80 square tubes which thickness is 8mm.
Requirements for Factories:
The factories where our EPS sandwich panel production line are applied can be either flatroof or sloped-roof type. The height of the cornice should be larger than 5m, and the effective width should be at least 45m. The floor of the factory should be flat and concrete. For foundation of the roll forming line, it is required to be to be 380V, and the total installed power is 34kw. It is necessary for the factory to be equipped with 0.4-0.6MPa compressed air supply and illumination devices. The roll forming machine shares the same power supply with the auxiliary devices. The fluctuation of voltage should be no more than 10%, or it may lead to an abnormal running of the system.
The stroke is no less than 29m, the load for a lifting process is larger than 5000kg, and the lifting height is no less than 3.9m. For daily production and maintenance, about 6-10 people are needed, with 3-4 operators for some core processes included.


Accessories List of 5 Type Composite Roof And Wall Cladding Panel Machine
adjust spanner3pieces
filter element2pieces
big glue head2pieces
bulkhead glue4pieces
glue joint4pieces
steel sheet chuck2pieces
screw depends
machine tool pad iron16sets
brake plate 3 sets
M16×140 bolt16pieces
M16 nut16pieces
steel wire tube1piece
heating tube8pieces
heating tube ceramics end 16sets
glue pipe6pieces
M8×35 inner hexagon screws30pieces
φ10×80 taper pin1piece
delivery rack1set
cutting rack1set
tile plate wheel1set
overtravel-limit switch2pieces
pneumatic elements1 set
glue channel(4long 2short)6pieces
large tray1piece
M16×40 outer hexagon screws8pieces
Color clip   4 sets
discharge rack1piece
05-06 frame1set
00 frame1piece
4 m foam holder4pieces
long cylinder1piece
clip lock lever2pieces
bourdon spring1piece
1220 roller8pieces
roller axes16pieces
6004 bearing 16sets
M20 nut24pieces
cutting under frame1 piece



Detailed Photos

Xinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production LineXinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production LineXinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production LineXinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production LineXinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

Our Advantages


Xinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

Company Profile


Hebei Xinnuo Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd., not only produce different types of professional roll forming machines, but also develop intelligent automatic roll forming production lines, C&Z shape purline machines, highway guardrail roll forming machine lines, sandwich panel production lines, decking forming machines, light keel machines, shutter slat door forming machines, downpipe machines, gutter machines, etc.

     Strong technical resources are the most stable guarantee for our products' quality. We adopt computer software for design drawing, production drawing and installation drawing for steel construction equipment. We adopt advanced computer digital inspection and produce high quality light steel structure equipment. Our technical is updating day by day !

     Our sales network covers all over China. We also sell products to the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Ecuador, Bolivia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Nigeria, South Africa, Ethiopia, Syria, Libya, Ghana, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Azerbaijan and other markets.

     Our company has matured after-sale service network, we could provide efficient and satisfactory service for you throughout the period of our cooperation.If necessary, we can supply you with local technical support and send technicians to for installation and operation training.

Xinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line
Xinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

F. Customer Visit And Exhibition

Xinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

Xinnuo Roof and Wall EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line


1.How to play order :

Inquiry---confirm the profile drawings and price---confirm the PI---arrange the deposit or L/C---then OK

2.How to visit our company :

Fly to Beijing airport: By high speed train From Beijing Nan to Cangzhou Xi(1 hour),then we can pick up you.

Fly to Shanghai Airport:By high speed train From Shanghai Hongqiao to Cangzhou Xi(4.5hours),then we can pick up you.

3.When we exported the machines :

We have beening making and exporting the machines since from the year of 1998.

4.*Guarantee* : 

Lifetime maintenance guarantee.If some part of the machine is broken.We will supply the best original parts for the machine from our own factory. If the parts are damaged due to improper operation, buyer will pay for the freight.

5.*After-sales* :
To give you the best after-sales service, the first give you video call with professional technicians , the second we send technicians to your country to repair the machine,
The buyer shall bear all expenses, including visa, round-trip airfare and suitable accommodation, and pay the salary of usd 100 / day.

6.Contact us:

If you want to get more pictures or videos of the machines, feel free contact us.
We will give you the best experience!

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