Yrg5 Hydraulic Haulage Shearer

Application scope:
This series of coal cutter is applicable to gently inclined long-wall coal face with a seam thickness of less than 1.5m and an included angle of less than 35° (when the inclined angle is greater than 15°, the machine should be equipped with antiskid device). The machine can realize mechanized mining of extra thin seam when it is used on the general coal face together with scraper conveyor and single hydraulic prop. The newly increased remote control can realize man-machine separation, easy operation and high safety.
Structural feature:
It consists of the tractive unit, power-driven unit, cutter, coal loader and such accessories as guide plate, dust cover and base plate.

ModelApplication scope(m)Output power (kw)Operation modeNational popularization
Extra thin seam coal cutter MG100-TPYRG30.45-0.9100Manual2005
YRG5Manual* remote control2012
Thin seam coal cutter MG110-BTYRG60.8-1.5110Manual, manual + remote control2016
Extra thin seam coal cutterYRG7<0.570-100Remote controlDuring industrial test

Main technical parameters of MG100-TP (YRG4) type coal cutter:

Applicable inclined angle<35°
Seam hardness (f)<5
Mining height (mm)450-900
Cutting depth (mm) 950-650
Production capacity (t/h)75-130
Voltage (v)660
Traction modeHydraulic anchor chain traction
Traction speed (m/min)0-3.2
Conveyor typeSGD420/22, SGB420/30 or SGB620/40T

Yrg5 Hydraulic Haulage Shearer
Yrg5 Hydraulic Haulage ShearerYrg5 Hydraulic Haulage Shearer

Yrg5 Hydraulic Haulage Shearer

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Yrg5 Hydraulic Haulage Shearer