Zoomlion Wheeled High-Powered Tractor Agricultural Machinery

RG Series Tractor

Strong power and high reliability
Yuchai high-pressure common rail, supercharged engine, strong power, good fuel economy, high reliability;
Adopt independent control double action clutch inlet friction material; torque reserve coefficient is large, reliability is high;
Forced cooling lubrication effectively solves the problem of high temperature of transmission system, the working reliability of transmission system is greatly improved;
Gearbox adopts bevel gear transmission, special material, transfer torque is large, meshing is stable, bearing capacity is stronger.

Excellent performance, high efficiency
Transmission 16 F+16 R gear, to meet the work needs of various operations, high efficiency;
Double cylinder pressure hoist, class III suspension, can meet the needs of a variety of composite machines and tools matching,fast hanging,faster, more convenient;
Three groups of hydraulic output, to meet the folding rake, flip plough and other machines and tools operation requirements,more adaptable;
The rear wheel pitch is stepless and adjustable to meet various agronomic requirements.

Easy to ride and operate
The shuttle shift lever is arranged on the left side of the steering wheel, which is more convenient to operate.
Hydraulic power control clutch, light, comfortable, reliable, effectively reduce labor intensity;
Luxury air-conditioned cab, dust-proof, noise reduction, heat insulation, angle adjustable steering wheel, air suspension seat,
driving more comfortable.

Type/4*4 wheels
Front wheel spacingmm1860,1960,2060 (ex-factory 1860)
Rear wheel spacingmm1850-2150 (ex-factory1850)
Minimum clearancemm500
Minimum turning radiusmm4.6±0.3(unilateral braking)
Machine qualitykg6015
Engine Type/Six cylinder, straight line, direct injection, water cooling, four stroke diesel engine
Calibration PowerkW132.4
Calibration speedr/min2300
Clutch/Dry, butterfly spring compression, double-acting clutch, independent control
Gearbox/The basic type is 16 F+16 R gear, meshing sleeve shift, main and secondary variable speed for side control
Steering type/Independent oil circuit, full hydraulic steering gear, front wheel steering
Driving brake/Wet, self-reinforcing disc brake, hydrostatic pedal control
Type of hydraulic system/Split type
Suspension mechanism/Type 3 post-three-point suspension
Tillage adjustment method/Position adjustment and height adjustment

Zoomlion Wheeled High-Powered Tractor Agricultural Machinery

Zoomlion Wheeled High-Powered Tractor Agricultural Machinery
Zoomlion Wheeled High-Powered Tractor Agricultural Machinery